Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello Blogger! A new blog?

Hello fellas.

I'll start up by saying sorry for deleting all my previous posts in this blog. It came to me that I couldn't just start up with the blog out of the blue to post again. Therefore I thought hell with it, I'll make a complete rewrite and start from scratch so to say. So I'll start with a small  Q & A:

What we expect of your opcoming posts?
Seeing that I like playing video games such as Leauge of Legends, Bloodline Champions, World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2 and the list will go on. I prefer to play games on a rather competitive level, I'm a very quick learner I tend to do research if I were to play a specific class/bloodline/champion and therefore I'm normally alot more aware of certain things then others at my level.
Aswell I like to discuss economics and will probably fill a post in once in a while.

How often will you be blogging on this blog?
I will try to post a couple of blogs every 1-2 days, I'm gone for more then a couple of days I'll try to figure out the system where you can make it post a pre set posts.

What are you doing? Work or school or something else?
Since last time I blogged, I have now started on a business college in Denmark, I'm studying economics and I have mathmatics on the highest level. Where I have mathmatics as my guideline on the college. I'm also learning spanish the 3 years I'll be there.

What do you expect to get out of blogging here?
I expect to have some fun, write some interesting posts for you guys and hopefully you will enjoy reading my posts. Along the way this is a great way to improve gramma and vocablulary skills (lol).

If you guys have any questions you'd like to have answers feel free to leave them below!
I hope you all have an awesome sunday & I'll try to get my first "real" post on by later today.

-Henry RJ

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