Sunday, October 9, 2011

Introducing Reltsuh!

Hello bloggers, as promised my first post!
I'm gonna start up by introducing my Death Knight in World of Wacraft, Reltsuh.

This is one of the characters I value the most, I've had alot of progress on this one. This was my first character to get 2200 and 2400 rating on.
I play unholy most of the time in arena, reason being that the mobility, power and control you can create is amazing. Another reason I enjoy playing unholy is because of the pet! Yes the pet, you can do alot of very small nifty tricks with it, such as taking traps, interrupting the healer, stomping totems and the goes on. You could call having great knownledge of controlling your pet "micro-management".

Here I have a picture of my UI (User Interface)

If you have some question about my character, UI or anything else feel free to place them down in the comments.


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